Sunday, April 4, 2010

Week Forty-Seven: Box Supper and Cake Walk Party

I’ll confess: This may be one of those instances where the preliminary post to the actual party post is longer.

There’s not much to this party. Here goes:

1) Make Money ® the Cokesbury way.

2) Get plenty of girls to make the lunches.

3) Get plenty of boys to buy (and presumably eat) the lunches. (“There are usually several young women in every organization who do not ordinarily have an escort, and should there be a large number of these prepare boxes and there be no one to buy them, it would e embarrassing,” Cokesbury says.)

4) Auction off the boxes, either without knowing who made them or by knowing who made them. Wrap the boxes attractively, so they’ll go for top dollar.

5) Assign five or six girls to bake cakes for the cakewalk. Sell tickets for fifteen cents each.

End this way: “The auction, the eating, and the cakewalks will consume the evening, and no other games will be necessary.”

It’s over. No long post to read this weekend. Just gear up for next week’s extravaganza, the Street Carnival. Woo-hoo.

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